Magician Janne Raudaskoski. A conjurer par excellence.

Janne Raudaskoski is an applauded and award-winning professional magician who specialises in innovative deconstruction of the borderlines between magic, clownery and modern technology. “Clownery is an instrument of humour, but it can also be used to examine serious matters” Janne explains. ”It can be used to reflect on the ways of the world in a childlike way. Charles Chaplin was a clown. If a clown also knows magic, it opens up a world of new possibilities for his or her performances.”
A professional magician since 1997, Janne Raudaskoski is the winner of Finnish and Nordic magic championships.

He is one of our most popular magicians and a wanted performer for theatres, cultural centres and festivals. 
Janne Raudaskoski has created two magic theatre performances: The Outsider for adults and teenagers and Wally Watthead and His Lost Glow for family audiences.
“Watching the performance of a skilful magician is always entertaining. When the magic is made a part of a story, the experience is even more wonderful. And if the magician also incorporates the role of a circus clown, we are nearing the birth of a new form of art.” – Kaleva




Script Janne Raudaskoski
Sami Rannila
Directed by Sami Rannila
Magic by Janne Raudaskoski
Tatu Tyni
Costume design Kaisa Kemikoski
Light and sound design Petri Mikkonen
Set design Kaisa Kemikoski
Janne Raudaskoski
Make-up Minna Pilvinen
Videos by Sanna Malkavaara
Photos Hanne Granberg, Juuso Aranko, Heikki Toivanen, Jarkko Mehtälä
Web design Supergroup Studios

Wally Watthead/ Salesperson Janne Raudaskoski
Polly the Picture Tuija Nuojua
Simon Simcard Jonathan Hutchings
Other voice actors Lida Haddas
Sani Hillo
Katriina Honkanen
Jarmo Luttinen
Krista Putkonen
Marko Putkonen
Mika Turunen